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Dolch Words Lickity-Split! Pre-Primer now available!
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FlashSeries has taken the boring out of flashcards and has taken learning to a whole new level - enabling children to learn in just minutes a day!   Not only are these programs unique in the flashcard industry, they are unique in the educational software industry.  Most "educational" software relies solely on games to “teach” information.  In other words, the child is tested for knowledge before ever being taught the information. 

The FlashSeries computer programs actually TEACH the information in a dynamic and fun way before the games beginTeaching before testing gives your child the confidence to be a successful, strong student in all areas of academics.  Read more...

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"We have received the subtraction flash cards and they are working just as well as the others. My son learned his addition facts so quickly and effortlessly and the subtraction facts are proving to be just as easy.  Thanks for helping us with this important area of learning." Read more...
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We have some new and exciting products scheduled to be released in 2012.  Look for new products such as updated versions of Dick and Jane Lickity-Split! and First Steps Lickity-Split, Dolch Words Lickity-Split, and apps for your mobile devices.  Are you interested in new FlashSeries products and want to make sure that you hear about new product releases?  Then, sign up to be notified!

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Math Fact Package
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