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Math Fact Bubble Blast

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Math Fact Bubble Blast has come to the internet and it is free for all to use!  The Math Fact Bubble Blast online game is a fun and exciting way to practice the math facts.  Designed to reinforce the math facts, it also helps the child to recall the math facts... Lickity Split!  

How To Play

To start the Math Fact Bubble Blast game, simply click on "Play Now".  Once the game has started, use the drop down menu to choose which math facts you would like to practice:  the multiplication math facts, the addition math facts, or the subtraction math facts.  Division is coming soon, so keep checking back! 

Once you have chosen the math fact that you want to practice, you will select the practice level and the speed at which the game will run - "fast" speed up to "beyond supersonic" speed .  When you are ready, click Go! to begin playing. 

The math fact will appear on the right hand side of the screen, and the bubbles that you need to blast are on the left hand side of the screen (see figure 1).   The bubbles are on the move, so make sure that you get a direct hit or the bubble will come back!  Pop all of the bubbles before they hit the ground, or the game is over and you will have to try again. 

At the end of the game, your statistics will be displayed.  The statistics will tell you how many math facts you completed out of the total number of math facts available.  As well, you will find out how many direct hits you had (bubbles that were popped with the correct answer on the first time they were clicked).  

If you like Math Fact Bubble Blast, check out Addition Lickity Split! and Subtraction Lickity Split! (Multiplication Lickity-Split! and Division Lickity-Split are coming soon).  Not only do they contain more fun and exciting math fact games, they actually TEACH the math facts before the games begin - computer learning flash cards at their best.  These computer programs are suitable for Kindergarten math, 1st grade math and beyond.  Have fun playing the Math Fact Bubble Blast online game! 

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