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Learning Made Easy…  In Just Minutes a Day! 

FlashSeries has taken the boring out of flashcards and has taken learning to a whole new level - enabling children to learn in just minutes a day!   Not only are these programs unique in the flashcard industry, they are unique in the educational software industry.  Most "educational" software relies solely on games to “teach” information.  In other words, the child is tested for knowledge before ever being taught the information. 

The FlashSeries computer programs actually TEACH the information in a dynamic and fun way before the games beginTeaching before testing gives your child the confidence to be a successful, strong student in all areas of academics.  Read more...

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A child’s attention is captivated by flashing information up on the computer screen in random locations - WHILE the information is also spoken, as they learn the math facts, numbers 0 - 100, the alphabet, those elusive words that don't follow the rules (also known as Dolch Words, sight words, popcorn words, most frequently used words, etc.), and/or auditory and visual sequencing.


(information is flashed up on the computer screen in random locations as the information is spoken)


Computer Flash Card Software that teaches:
*Multiplication Math Facts
*Addition Math Facts
*Subtraction Math Facts
*Sight words (also known as Dolch words, Popcorn Words, Instant Words, and
Frye's Most Frequently Used Words)
*Auditory Sequencing
*Visual Sequencing 
Who Benefits from the FlashSeries Computer Flash Cards? 
*Advanced Learners
*Special Needs Learners
*On-target Learners
*Early Learners 

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Math Fact Package
Math Fact Package
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