Sequencing In A Flash has stopped saving users, has something happened?
Yes.  More than likely your user files have become corrupt.  The user files need to be deleted, and the program re-installed.  Please note:  uninstalling the program will NOT delete these corrupted files.  
Please follow the directions provided below to delete the files (there are two sets of directions - choose the one that will work best for you):
Make sure that Sequencing is NOT installed on the system (uninstall Sequencing). 
Click "start", then "My computer".  
Double click "local drive" (usually your c:/ drive, or where you install your applications).  
Double click "Documents and Settings". 
Double click the user for your computer in which Sequencing In A Flash was installed (my name is Michelle, so my user is "michelle" - yours may be something other than your name dependent upon how the computer was set up - could be your family name, etc.).  
Double click "application data"  (this may be a hidden file on your system).   Double click on "macromedia".  
Double click on "flash player".  
Double click on "localhost".  You should see 5 files with an extension of .sol (user1.sol, user2.sol, user3.sol, user4.sol and user5.sol).   Delete all 5 files if they are there and then reinstall Sequencing In A Flash.  All of your previous users and settings should be gone, allowing you to start completely over again. 
Try this if you cannot locate the files using the above mentioned method:
Alternatively, you can click "start", "search".
Click "all files and folders" next to one of the green arrows
Type "*.sol" (without the quotes) under "all or part of the file name"
Click on "more advanced options". 
Check the box that says "search hidden files and folders".
Click "search".
It should find the following five files under:
C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\localhost
The files will be named user1.sol, user2.sol, user3.sol, user4.sol, and user5.sol and will be located in the above mentioned location.  Delete these files and reinstall Sequencing. 

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