Why is Instant Words In A Flash going so fast that we cannot understand the words?

When Instant Words In A Flash seems to be running at Super-Sonic speed, the issue is generally related to the user's computer.  The first step in solving this problem is to check and make sure that that hard drive is not being overworked.  Make sure that all other programs are closed and that the computer has recently been restarted.  Your computer can have a lot of things running "behind the scenes" that you are unaware of that are slowing it down. 

If restarting the computer and closing all other applications does not fix the problem, then you probably need to defragment your hard drive.  This can cause a computer to run slow, which gives the appearance of speeding Instant Words In A Flash up.  

If the problem persists once you have defragmented the hard drive, uninstall and then reinstall the program on the freshly defragmented hard drive.  

If this still does not fix the problem, try downloading the update for Instant Words.  Although the update was not designed for this purpose, it has been successful in ruling out CD related problems.

If all else fails to fix the problem, please contact us and we will work quickly to resolve the issue.  Please try all of the above before contacting us, as the first thing we will do is ask you if you tried all of the above.


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