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Mathematics arrow Subtraction Lickity-Split

Subtraction Lickity-Split

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Subtraction... Lickity-Split offers:
  • Teaching to different learning styles through visual, auditory, visual + auditory flash sessions, or choose all three!
  • A positive learning environment without negative feedback or harsh noises in response to incorrect answers.
  • Up to 5 different users
  • The ability to choose from preset Learn It! sessions, or create and save a session based on a child's specific needs.
  • Learn It! teaching sessions are dynamic and exciting with the information randomly flashed up on the screen in different places.
  • During a Learn It! session, the math fact AND the answer are displayed, so that the child LEARNS the correct answer from the beginning.
  • Try It! sessions allow the student to try out their newfound knowledge. The program will not move forward until the child gets the answer correct. If they get stuck, they can use the help button to display manipulatives over each number!
  • Puzzle It! offers the beginning learner the opportunity to watch a puzzle piece disappear, revealing a picture, when math facts are answered correctly.
  • Race It! allows the student/teacher to set a timer for the child to race against. The timer can be adjusted to skill level of the student.
  • Time It! allows the student to compete against their own best score as they race to beat their "best time".
  • Practice It! helps the child to understand WHY 5 - 2 = 3, not just that it DOES equal 3.
  • Print It! allows the parent/teacher to print math fact worksheets.


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